Communications tuned to the perfect pitch for markets in Asia.

We are a network of independent agencies across Asia who have come together to work in concert and to provide communications that move the needle in every market.

We are a team of globally experienced local market experts working together in PerfectPitch across Asia.

We bring together a global mindset, deep local knowledge, and extensive regional experience to identify the right levers across diverse and sometimes complex markets; match them to your global needs and operating standards; and help you see past the clutter and noise to realize the opportunities.

Meet Us

Ours is a story of five friends from five countries united across Asia; the world’s fastest growing and most exciting region.

Each of us founders of PerfectPitch, are founders too of our own communications agencies in our own cities across the region. In fact, it was the wonder and diversity of those cities that first drew us together as friends exploring the cultures and cuisines of our Asia together.

Over the years, as we helped clients from around the world unlock the power and possibility in our individual markets, we met and talked together of the challenges those clients faced in Asia.

We were struck by the gap between our clients’ ambitions in the region and the lack of truly regional partners available to clients. Partners they could rely on to bring deep relevance to their comms in each market, while at the same time providing for consistency of objectives and approach across the region didn’t seem to exist.

So one day, as we were gathered in Seoul, we decided to take the obvious step and set up the first home-grown, Asia-focused network of professionals committed to helping businesses enter and do business in this region we love so much. And that’s how PerfectPitch was born.

Integrated Marketing, Public Relations, Content, Social Communications and Advisory.

We ensure that your message is not lost in translation, but conveys your global message while being aligned to the context, nuances, media, and expectations of audiences in Asia.

Winning strategies

  • Communication strategy
  • Campaign planning
  • Market monitoring

Design with impact

  • Content / messaging
  • Social media
  • Digital
  • Corporate style

Smart activation

  • Branding campaigns
  • Corporate events
  • Product launches
  • Press conferences

Powerful connections

  • Influencer marketing
  • Media relations
  • Community management
  • Lead generation


  • Media training
  • Market entry
  • Market trends

We get where you are coming from - and know where you need to be going.

Bespoke teams within and across markets connect you with media and influencers that matter; design messaging that resonates; reveal hidden insights unavailable to the competition; and open up unique local opportunities to stand out while fitting in.

Our offices are located in the hearts of the key cities of Asia.


Hong Kong

Hong Kong Office Maggie Chan Independent Consultant


KVB Dian Noeh Founder & CEO


TwinTracks Communications June Cha Managing Director

Shanghai (Beijing and Guangzhou)

Media Plus Communication & Consulting Co. Constance Chao Managing Director


I.M. SEA Commuincations Melinda Ilagan Managing Director


Media Plus Communication & Consulting Co. Constance Chao Managing Director


TrainTracks Inc. Yukiko Harada Managing Director